[a woman who inspires or influences others; a guiding light, a high-performing achiever, a role model, a leader, a legend]


We live in a time in which ladies have the greatest opportunity they have ever had to become leaders in the community. They have the skills, education, and resources to lead—yet an overwhelming gender gap remains.

Ladies Who Lead has been cultivated as a catalyst for providing solutions to this need, as Mumbai’s premier community of diverse, driven women leaders that exchange knowledge, opportunities, and inspiration. It highlights ladies who lead through professional accolades, strong moral fibres, and admirable lifestyles. It is bringing out a forthcoming and fun community of women that do not shy away from discussing hyper-local and global issues that they face in their fast-changing industry or in their lives.

Members of Ladies Who Lead have access to women in the highest ranks of their professional sectors and a vast ecosystem of services, offerings and perks through live events, workshops, and an active content platform. Women are able to discover capable mentors, talented mentees, cross-collaborate with other brands, and spread awareness by engaging in each other’s activities.

At the same time, it is a gender-neutral organization because LWL believes in including men, whether as speakers, audience or crew, that are supportive of women in power - it can not be a one-sided dialogue.

Power of Association

Before we can change the world we must start with ourselves. Along with organic collaboration that takes place, LWL equips women with resources, acumen, and build strong skills through a series of events and workshops.

LWL provides mentorship from the top women in the industry to help young ladies navigate challenges, set goals, and work hand-in-hand in the community. These meaningful relationships make women more likely to reach their potential.

At the heart of it’s mission, LWL develops women into transformative leaders. It provides opportunities for women that are self-driven to identify a change in their community, create a vision to guide them, and execute the change alongside other committed members.


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