Health & Wellness

#AndMe? – What about me?

Anshu Daga Founder, The Inner Startup & Director of the play- #Andme?
Anshu Daga through her article and the play by the same name talks about the dichotomies that women go through and how it is important for them to constantly re-invent themselves while managing social pressures.
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What it takes to Succeed: Lessons from Tech Entrepreneur Manisha Raisinghani

A CHAT WITH MANISHA RAISINGHANI, FOUNDER & CTO – LOGINEXT Manisha Raisinghani, Co-founder of LogiNext, one of the fastest growing tech companies in the world, talks to Aabha Bakaya about what it takes to succeed at being one of the few 'woman' techies. Don’t submit to any biases held by the world and continue to work towards your goals is her only mantra!
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Global Dialogue

Leaders & Daughters – A Unique Initiative

Egon Zehnder believes that the world needs better leaders, and that diverse leadership teams are better and more effective than homogenous teams.
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Knowledge Booth

Building A Brand Online - Cracking The Digital Marketing Code

Mallika Setalvad, Founder, Work In Progress
Showcase the real YOU while understanding and engaging with your customers through different digital channels. Here are a few personal tips by Mallika Setalvad where she talks about how these platforms can help you leverage your brand.
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