Global Dialogue

The Year That Was

Aabha Bakaya
The highs and lows and the reality that we can still count globally the milestones we make and the role models we have. Not only are there too few role models, there is a clear focus required on grooming the next generation of leaders.
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Setting Your Own Rules

Hedda Pier, Partner at Avenue Design Studio
Who better than Hedda Pier - an Interior Designer, to set the tone, design and palette for a successful and harmonious Work-Life Balance, from within!
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Women Take The Lead

Julie Lake, CEO, Co-Founder, The FinTech50
Julie Lake, CEO & Co-Founder, The FinTech50, has a thought provoking take on women in the financial sector, where the 'equal to' sign means much more than just two horizontal parallel lines.
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New Beginning; New Confidence

D. L. Lee, Journalist & Fiction Writer
D.L Lee - a novelist, shares her opinion on how the female self has journeyed, discovered and transformed into a force that chases ambition and dignity over beauty and butter!
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Leaders & Daughters – A Unique Initiative

Egon Zehnder believes that the world needs better leaders, and that diverse leadership teams are better and more effective than homogenous teams.
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