Crafting Memories

Growing up in a family that needed any excuse to celebrate, one can say that Devika has event planning in her genes! Curating some of the most exclusive, intimate and beautiful weddings, her company, Devika Narain & Company, has emerged as a frontrunner in the industry.

On your website you make the journey of discovering your passion and transition to starting your own company so effortless and easy. Was it actually that easy?
Honestly, it's everything but easy. Building a brand, putting together a team and making a name for yourself is a true labor and test of love. 

What is the one work ethos that is required for this career?
There are a few. Enthusiasm to be able to work long hours and tight time lines, an ability to handle stressful situation, consistency in delivering on dreams on a daily basis and lastly, turning up—day in and out. 

What has been the most challenging part of the job so far?
It has to be the time lines. Unfortunately, our deadlines are absolute and set at the very beginning. Working in those time frames often becomes stressful. 

Best moment of the job?
The happiness on the faces of the bride and groom when they enter the venue. Sometimes we get so involved in the details that we forget the magic we create on a daily basis. These little things make us super happy!

How do you deal with Bridezillas?
We actually deal with very few. I've discovered that honest conversations help. We begin by setting expectations and then ensure we deliver on them. It's very important to remember that our clients are human too. Empathy is key. 

When it was your turn to get married, how did you balance being the planner and the bride?
As a bride who plans weddings for a living, I learnt the importance of delegating. My aunts, cousins and friends were the greatest help and having them help me plan gave me an excuse to spend more time with them—which was awesome!

High profile weddings require high confidentiality measures. How do you work around this in a world that is so connected by social media?
Our privacy rules are across the board and not just reserved for specific weddings. We understand that most couples want to keep their intimate celebrations personal and respect their decisions. 

What are some of the trends for weddings in 2019? 
Definitely intimate with lots of details. Destination engagements are becoming huge, they're almost like family holidays. I love how there is so much focus on organic, natural and sustainable, ideas that are so personal to me. 

What’s next on the path? 
Wait and see!

About Devika Narain

Born in Lucknow, Devika Narain found her passion in creating weddings for people that were far removed from grand theatrical productions. Her specialty lies in intimate, personal weddings that are all about the people who matter. Along with her team of designers, she’s trying to change the industry, one wedding at a time!

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