Eat for the body you want, not for the body you have!

Neha Sahaya is a fitness enthusiast, celebrity nutrition consultant and an advocate of a healthy lifestyle. She has worked with Miss Universe Vartika Singh, Miss Super International Shefali Sood, actresses Malvika Raj, Tanisha Mukherjee & Tanisha Dhillon amongst others. She believes that you can only achieve the body or a fitness level you want, if you constantly make an effort to change your lifestyle in ways that best suit you. There is nothing like a quick fix for lifestyle diseases and long term weight loss So, if you want to sustain the body you have worked hard to create, by making healthy choices - patience and perseverance must become your favourite virtues!

When did you start your own nutritional wellness journey? What got you started and what are the tangible benefits this lifestyle has brought about for you?

I started this journey 5 years ago when I delivered my baby girl.

I have always been considerably active and physical fitness has been a part of my life right from my teenage years. However, that did not prevent me from gaining 17 kilos during my pregnancy. Everyone thought that I would never lose my weight and consoled me by saying “Now you are a mother - accept your loose stomach and big body”

I did want to become someone who 10 years down the line would not recognise myself in the mirror. I have observed that when a person reaches a certain stage of frustration, is the time when we choose unhealthy fad diets and workout the wrong way. 


And yes, today I am back to being 53 kilos from 70 kilos post-delivery looking younger and stronger than ever before. Today I consider myself a healthy eater and an exercise enthusiast.

With time I realized there is so much more to healthy eating and exercise than looking good in a certain way. Today being fit for me is more about my mental peace than an external appearance. Being fit today is feeling strong mentally and physically. I am able to carry out my everyday tasks better with more energy as well as the added benefit of looking young. Eating nutrition-rich food and working out today is my lifestyle just like how I brush my teeth. As a result of this lifestyle, I am less stressed, more positive and an extremely confident person.

You are known for not recommending fad diets and instead of working with more achievable realistic long-term changes. Any particular reason why?

I have witnessed the disturbing reality of serious lifestyle diseases afflicting the older and younger generations alike. Most people today are suffering either from PCOS, insulin resistance, a fatty liver, diabetes and blood pressure, or are simply obese or skinny fat (having high-fat percentage and low muscle mass). And this is only a very miniscule list.

The main reason underlying these diseases is bad lifestyle, fad diets and blissful lack of awareness, especially amongst the young about the quality and quantity of nutrition that our bodies need. 

I endeavour to bring awareness amongst people. We have over complicated nutrition with superfoods and restrictive eating patterns. A simple lifestyle diet that suits you should be the best diet as this will be sustainable over a period of time. No point doing keto if u don’t like eating ghee or coconut oil. We can save the future generation, as well as, our current generation from lifestyle diseases if we start getting the right knowledge of food and understand how it can heal our lives.

What is your favourite cheat meal? 

By nature, I have adopted a healthy lifestyle. As a result, I like simple home-cooked food. However, I am also human and I love to indulge in biryani and butter chicken on the weekend with my 2 glasses of wine or gin.

What are 2 daily hacks that you would recommend for women on the go to keep their health and weight in check?

If you want to remain healthy and keep your weight in check simply keep your diet 30 per cent with raw food like fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetable juices and salads. This will provide the necessary pre and probiotic for your gut and also keep your nourished. Women should make breathwork and meditation a part of their daily life. This is because by nature we get stressed out easily which results in the depletion of a lot of nutrients and hormonal imbalances which eventually results in weight gain.

What is the simplest more recommended work out that you believe everyone can incorporate into their life?

I think one should do some form of workout that makes them happy about 4 to 5 times a week. I am a strong believer of strength training. However, the easiest, effective, injury-free and cost-free workout is a walk which can be done anywhere and anytime.

Where can we find you?

I work from my office in Mumbai and also do global online consultations. Instagram is where I share my knowledge @nehasahaya. You could also email me at or visit my website

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Neha Sahaya

Celebrity Nutrition & Wellness Consultant

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