Pursuing Sustainable Body Care With Grandeur Freny Jariwala - Multitasking Mompreneur

Freny Jariwala is the keeper of The Secret Ingredient soaps and skincare elixirs. She firmly believes in carving a space for women in a society dominated by men. She also has an all-women team that bears the torch for the Secret Ingredient.

LWL decided to get to know her a little better. 

1. The Secret Ingredient sounds intriguing. What keeps you passionate about skincare and what is your vision?

Our family has been deeply rooted in the soap business for years and taking forward my grandfather’s legacy has always been our family’s dream. Although my father found his calling in the paint industry, he made sure that when I was exposed to our family history and that I truly understood the art. An expert was called from Korea to help me understand the process of making and blending soaps using bare products and natural ingredients. Using ‘Ghar-ke-nuskhe’ for my skin from a very early age turned my curiosity into a passion for the homemade natural soaps. This also helped me comprehend the importance of quality skin care products. Through my passion, I want people to be aware of the products and research about the ingredients and what they put on their skin.

2. The organic skin and body brand space is becoming competitive. What is your USP?

The brand name - “THE SECRET INGREDIENT” was born out of curiosity to draw consumer’s attention to read the ingredients of the soap. Normally, whenever we purchase a product, we hardly spend time on the ingredient list or try to look past the fancy marketing face behind the product. Through TSI, we want people to read ingredients and feel relieved that they are not putting their money in any quick fix chemical that will lift their skin for a particular number of hours and then not live up to the promise. Our natural ingredient list is our brand’s USP. We started our journey from our factory shed where we made soaps from scratch from natural ingredients and experimented with them. This research helped us create perfect skincare solutions for today’s fast-paced life blending the goodness of age-old ingredients and easy to apply process. 

3. What areas of concern do you see in this industry?

Advertising as an organic and natural skincare brand doesn’t make every brand skincare product natural. The industry is vast and the competition increases by every hour. But what industry forgets every now and then is that skincare products are all about the promises they make to deliver healthy glowing skin. When we at TSI promise 100% organic skincare products, we make sure that no chemicals are used in the products, whatsoever!

4. What are some beauty myths you wish would disappear?

Today everything in the market is about instant results. But people should understand that when we talk about skincare, there is nothing like an instant! Taking care of the skin is more about cleaning the inner layer than the outer layer. There are no fairness creams that can give you a tone lighter than the tone you were born with but through quality skincare products and regime, you can always brighten it and rejuvenate it with a good lustre.

5. Could you share 3-4 visible benefits that someone would experience using your products?

Every time you use TSI organic products, you will experience a fresh feel on your skin. The regular use of these products will also help your skin rejuvenate and glow naturally. 

6. What are the must-haves you would recommend from The Secret Ingredient & what are your personal favourites? 

Skincare products from age-old beauty ingredients are my personal favourites. Products such as Multani Mitti and Ghee serum work wonders on every skin type.

7. Is there a quick daily skincare routine that you would recommend for the multi-tasking woman?

For multi-tasking women, it is really important to take care of their skin. By the end of the day, it is possible that your skin gets low and feels dull. For such instances, use soaps according to the weather. Also, keep your skin hydrated throughout the day with our Green Tea Day Cream and a few spritzes of our Rose Water Hydrosol as and when your skin needs a boost. Don’t avoid your skincare regime at night. Apply your preferred one from our line of serums at the end of the day for healthy and happy skin.

8. You wear multiple hats professionally. What does your average day look like?

Shifting from one toe to another and balancing personal and professional side takes up my average day. Being a mother, my day starts off preparing for my child’s day and making sure that breakfast and lunch are prepared with the utmost care. I make sure that my child’s bags are packed and my boy is ready for school on time. Immediately thereafter, I pick up my professional hat and juggle between different work roles from being an administrator at Sesame Street Preschool, a director at the paints industry and the managing partner at The Secret Ingredient. Later, I come home after completing my work duties to take over my personal responsibilities. After enjoying dinner with everyone, I am ready again for another adventurous day.

9. Where can we find your products and what is the simplest way to buy them?

You can shop our products directly from our website www.thesecretingredient.co. We are also available on Amazon and Flipkart.

About Freny Jariwala:

Freny Jariwala is the keeper of The Secret Ingredient soaps and skincare elixirs. She curates skincare products through her family’s age-old recipe and brings them to the masses in her own unique ways. A young working mother she perfectly balances her personal and professional life.


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