Strong Women = Strong World


Manisha Girotra comes with passion, vision and most importantly a vivid dream, so pure and potent to soon become a reality. 


I am blessed to be born in a generation of women challenging feudal and patriarchal mindsets, both in the workplace and at home.  To achieve our dreams, we have to juggle our multiple roles as professionals, mothers and homemakers and plough along with a smile on our face and a bounce in our step. 

In this journey, most women I speak to, including myself, have experienced objectification and trivialization. 

Discrimination against women, direct and indirect still exists.  Harassment and discrimination prevents women from entering and staying in the workplace.  Lack of equal pay, social protection, lack of sharing of unpaid work at home by partners create severe setbacks to a woman’s aspirations. 

I hope the stage setting changes for future generations.  I hope the incredible energy and persistence of this present wave of feminism will help erode the misogynist culture that chains down our generation. 

I dream for my daughter that by the time she grows up and becomes a young woman, we hand over a nation to her where gender has become fluid.  I hope that she will not be called ‘bossy’ because she is ambitious, ‘aggressive’ because she is aware and demands her place under the sky or ‘ball buster’ because she is demonstrably assertive.

I dream for the girl child to have no limits on her aspirations, no matter which town or village she is born in.  I hope she comes to the world knowing that she can and she will – that she is strong, that she is complete.  I pray that she will aspire to be the heroine of her own life and everyone around her will laud and celebrate her.

I dream that every Indian woman finds a parent and partner who knows that recognising, rewarding, reducing and redistributing care work will make their own families happier and wholesome units.  More fathers, brothers and husbands should take delight in the unprecedented achievements of their daughters, sisters and wives.

I dream of an India where the importance of investing in the girl child becomes a way of life.  I hope we realise that empowering young girls through health services, nutrition, education and economic opportunities will help the country thrive and survive. 

Let’s join together and empower our girls.  Let’s take the revolution forward and give the world a new generation of strong women.



Author Profile
Manisha Girotra is CEO of Moelis & Company in India. She was previously the Chairperson and Country Head for UBS in India, with a career spanning 16 years with UBS in Mumbai, Delhi and London. Prior to UBS, Manisha ran Barclays de Zoete Wedd's investment bank activities in Delhi. Manisha is an Economics graduate from St Stephen's College, Delhi and was awarded the Dr. Manmohan Singh Gold Medal for academic excellence for her Master's degree from the Delhi School of Economics.

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