The Value of Life

“Live life to the fullest”; “We only have one life”; “Live in the moment”….these are some of the things we keep hearing and saying all the time. But the question is do we really mean it? Do we really follow it?

Most of us don’t. Yes, that includes me. While I am a great believer of The Secret and try to be positive 90% of the times, it is that 10% of negative thoughts that take over and make us feel miserable. 

We start finding faults in things and people; we crib and complain about what we don’t have rather than appreciating what we already do. We tend to compare our life and our relationships with that of others, and social media is playing a great role of adding fuel to the fire. It usually boils down to how much he/she earns, how many countries have they travelled, how many cars and houses do they own etc etc.

This pressure and comparison lead to a lot of negativity and stress. We either think about our past and mull over what we didn’t have or what we didn’t do. If not that, then we are super busy planning our future – financial planning, marriage, kids etc.

In all this we forget to live in the present, forget to live in the moment, forget to enjoy and appreciate small things in life that make us happy.

A recent event in my life where a very dear friend and I were in a major car crash, made me realize that life is too short and it’s not worth feeling sad about inconsequential things and people in our life.

Apart from the trauma that we both went through both mentally and physically due to the serious injuries and broken bones, we both realized what our family members went through. Despite all the pain, the only thing that played on my mind was to be strong and have a smile on my face so that it does not stress them. The thought that I am going to be on bed rest for god knows how long and that my routine life and my work are going to get impacted can make one really anxious. But then you look back and think…why have this anxiety and what’s the point of getting sad.

Instead look at the brighter side…the accident could have been worse, but god saved us. Just a few broken bones which can be repaired over a period of time, and with a lot of positivity, it could be faster than we can imagine. It’s a break that we can make the most of – reading, meeting friends and family, listening to music, watching movies, connecting with people who you haven’t spoken in a long time, picking up a hobby……and of course working from home too!!

Nikita Suratwala is the Chief Communications Officer at DICE Districts. She has over 14 years of marketing and communications experience in both agency and corporate positions across sectors. She is committed towards various social causes and has been focusing towards counseling the elderly and cancer patients. She is passionate about music and loves traveling to unexplored places. 

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