This Decade Is Ours For The Taking!

This decade is ours for the taking!

 Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. Parental Leave

    There is increasing recognition of the fact that in order to have a more equal dynamic, both parents need to chip in at home and with children so both can enjoy successful careers. Maternity leave in India is now 6 months, companies like Zomato have announced paternal leave and in a historic move, Federal workers in the US will receive 12 weeks of paid paternal leave. So things are changing.

  2. Women in politics

    Whether it be Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand or the 34-year-old Finnish PM Sanna Marin and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with over 4 million followers on Instagram… even the Gulf now has a female FM and in India, we have our first female finance minister as well. Women have been making bold strides in politics globally and this is only the beginning. They are being acknowledged as leaders and changemakers.

  3. The single woman

    Single, working women are no longer afraid to be single, working women. Being financially secure gives them independence, self-worth and they are no longer defined by the trappings of social definition. More women are educated today, more women are looking for employment opportunities and our girls are all growing up with opinions and consciousness about their rights. They now realise they have a choice. 

  4. Highly-paid women

    More women are speaking out about pay parity. From PV Sindhu to Deepika Padukone… women across industries are doing us proud and showing the way for others. They haven’t had any secret path to success, they have worked hard, they have found every opportunity to further themselves and they have succeeded.

  5. Women in sports

    From Dutee Chand who broke barriers across sports and gender, to Mary Kom whom there is no stopping, to Shafali Verma – the 15-year-old cricketer who surpassed Tendulkar’s record. The list is long this year and brilliant. The head of an Olympic training academy said they have more female applicants than ever before and it’s a sign of things to come. 

  6. Women are more productive

    Employers are recognising the productivity of women employees. The most recent ILO report says that companies with gender-inclusive cultures are over 60% more likely to have improved profits and productivity. The narrative has changed.. women in leadership roles embody more cooperation, collaboration and empathy, and listen better to their team members, with more women at the top… corporations would change for the better.

  7. Beauty is what’s on the inside

    The definition of beauty is evolving. The focus on our social media manic world has shifted to mindfulness, inner health, and overall wellbeing. Brands are trying to engage better with more real, value-driven campaigns and addressing narratives that embrace gender diversity and eco-conscious ideologies which will consume us all in the new decade. 

  8. Pathbreakers across industries

    Greta is the face of TIME magazine, Christine Lagarde took over at the IMF, Kylie Jenner became the youngest self-made billionaire on Earth and 32 years old Melanie Perkins’ Canva became one of the most valued female-led tech start-ups in the world… women continue to succeed.

  9. Paying it forward

    Former President Obama ended the year with a statement saying ‘ women are indisputably better than men’ raising a toast to the fact that more than ever before women are being recognised, appreciated and supported in their endeavours. More women are helping other women whether they are communities, networks for support or those that spare the time to help the underprivileged. The change is global, the voices louder and it’s happening.

  10. Power to dream

    Women realise today that they have access to better funds, more opportunity, a good education that they can provide for their kids. Things they may not have had access to themselves. If not for themselves and their ambition, they are choosing to strive to give the best to the next generation. Because they can. 

By Aabha Bakaya, Founder – Ladies Who Lead

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