Why Women Make Better Investors


While there are several scenarios where women trump men, have a look at these 5 articulately stated reasons by Samina, as to why women make truly good investors.


1) Women are more conservative in nature as compared to men:

Their inclination to stay invested and committed for a longer period of time is much higher than men, thereby making them successful at wealth creation. The cornerstone of wealth creation is long term investing and not being shortsighted. The generally more conservative approach makes women more likely than men to use frugality as a wealth building strategy. Men, on the other hand are more likely to take more risks when making investments – at least twice as often as women. The most successful investors are those who leave their money alone.

2) Women inherently are more disciplined than men:

Wealth creation requires disciplined long term investing. Women are usually more inclined to stay the course, stick to the rules and are generally more disciplined by nature. Studies show that men are more likely to dip into retirement funds during a period of need, while a fewer number of women would do the same. Once again, maintaining discipline does more to wealth creation than simply timing the investment.

3) Women manage money better than men:

Managing the household budget is something that every Indian woman as well as women across the world have done super efficiently for many years. Multiple studies across the developed world, as well as the experience of micro finance companies in the most underdeveloped regions of the world have pointed to a common fact - that women manage money much better than men. 

4) Women are better savers than men:

Research shows that women are better at saving money than men, after adjusted earnings. Since men are more into big buys, they are likely to use credit cards often, in contrast to women, who use debit cards more than credit cards for their purchases - once again indicating that they take on lesser debt than men.

5) Women are not afraid to ask for advice:

Unlike men, women have no ego issues and hence do not find it hard to seek help or ask for directions. Research has shown that women are more open to taking advice and hence work well with professional advice, which is important to ensure that your investments are backed by data and are not based on a whim.



Author Profile
Samina brings with her over a decade of experience in Treasury, Private Wealth and was the Editor - Equity Markets at BTVI. Samina has been conducting workshops and events across India to help individuals invest smartly. She has a Major in Finance from the University of Nottingham and is a certified CA from Institute of Chartered Accountants.

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