Self Care

Combatting Comparisonitis

Natalie has worked her way up the career ladder and is now inspiring young women to focus on themselves and prioritize their lives. Through this article, she brings to the fore the most common issue that we are facing today – comparing our lives with that of others and what is the real cause of this comparison!
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Strengthening Your Core

Zoe Modgill, Co-founder Studio 60, is capable of transforming your wooden desk job into a virtual gym zone - with a few smart suggestions leaving you stronger at work - both physically and mentally. 
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Shaping Up Is The Way To Go

From stepping stones to pushing pedals, Juhi Mehta, President of a digital media firm, shares her journey of transformation, through an exciting biking trail.
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Dealing with a Stressful Situation

Diana Delvadavala - life coach and therapist, addresses the topic of stress, in an almost ticklish tonality, leaving you amused in parts and positive throughout.
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#AndMe? – What about me?

Anshu Daga through her article and the play by the same name talks about the dichotomies that women go through and how it is important for them to constantly re-invent themselves while managing social pressures.
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