With our ‘Panel Discussions’, we bring together women leaders in adjacent fields to discuss shared
experiences, issues, lessons, and visions for the future.

The launch event on “Women-Centric Workplaces” shed light on how to create an environment which is conducive for women at their workplace – physically in terms of design and infrastructure, recreation and amenities that we can provide as well as the overall culture at work that will help retain employees. To bring different perspectives to the discussion, LWL brought in experts ranging from someone who heads a family-run enterprise to an entrepreneur who is one of the most renowned architects that led an all-women office, to a working professional, all from different sectors – manufacturing, real estate, financial services.

We repeated this exercise with our invite only round table conference followed by a panel discussion with ‘Thriving Minds At Work & Home’ in conversation with changemakers, around mental health and well-being.


There is hard data to support the pervasiveness of mental health challenges—a lingering issue both in and out of the workplace. Mental health awareness may be on the rise, but access to professionals remain dismal.  

In order to tackle this issue and in an effort to dissolve the stigma around mental health, Ladies Who Lead collaborated with Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, to bring to you ‘Thriving Minds At Work & Home’. We brought together the best of organizations and professionals working towards this cause in their respective capacities for an invite only round table conference, followed by a panel discussion for all.  

We hosted this event to be able to discuss the many attributes of mental health and wellbeing both – at home and at work and proactively address the staggering concerns, that needed our immediate attention. 

It’s about time we diminish the stigma and strive for holistic wellness. These experts helped us do just that as they braved their voices and shed light on the issue with their professional expertise and opinions to helped drive this conversation in different and better ways.


Aabha Bakaya

Founder - Ladies Who Lead 

Amit Mookim

General Manager, South Asia – IQVIA

Malini Agarwal

Founder & Creative Director - Miss Malini Media

Marcus Ranney

General Manager - Thrive India

Priya Singh

Stanford University


Priya Tiruviti

Head Of Total Rewards & Mobility, South Asia - Citi Bank

Shubika Bilkha

Leadership Coach & Founder – EdPowerU

Tara Mahadevan

Counselling Psychologist Specializing In Food & Eating Behaviours 

Priti Sridhar

Chief Development Officer - Mariwala Health Initiative

Ashika Mehta

Therapist & Life Coach 

Natasha Pratap

Writer; Wellness & Yoga Specialist

Rupa Pandit

Head of Strategy - The

Lina Bilkha

Talking Talent, Executive Coach & Natal Transition Coach

Sarvesh Shashi

CEO - Sarva Yoga

Manish And Shalini Behl

Mindfulness India Summit Founders

Krishna Khunti

Healer & Life Coach

Malika Singh

Trainer Facilitator HR

Dr. Vishaka Shivdasani

General Physician

Paula Mariwala

Founder & Co-President - Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs India; MD - Seedfund Advisors; 

Director - Hinditron Group of Companies

WHERE: The A Club, Indiabulls One, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

WHEN: Wednesday, November 27, 5 to 7 pm.

WHO ATTENDED: Anyone and everyone who found mental health and wellbeing an equally important cause, as us, with willingness to make a difference!