Chart Your Career with Rakhi Sinha

Being a woman in the workplace brings with it a host of occupational hazards, both internal and externally created. Rakhi Sinha talks to Ladies Who Lead about how best to navigate typical women’s issues and come out a winner. 

Rakhi warns against succumbing to ‘victimhood mentality’ and encourages women to be masters of their circumstance instead. Certain sexist mental blocks and double standards may perhaps always prevail in a man’s world. Rakhi advises women to not let such attitudes bog them down and instead grow an emotional intelligence from such experiences. It’s nothing personal and unfortunately comes with the business. She says to recognise situations for what they are, but overcome the obstacles without getting carried away or bruised. As women, we should assert our strengths, never doubt our value, be objective and treat such issues as business challenges that comes with the territory.