Women @ Work

Yashika Punjabee, Creative Director & Co-Founder At TheLabelLife.com

"As a personality I invest myself entirely in what I do. And It has been interesting to bring in a little bit of everything I have learnt over the years and wrap it wonderfully with a bow at TheLabelLife.com"

Minali Gaba, Owner - Farmers’ Café

WOMEN AT WORK Minali Gaba, the proud owner of Farmers’ Café, shares her extraordinary story of following her dreams – while humbly managing everything it takes to run a restaurant #likeaboss, all with that heart-melting smile!

Neha Sethi, Co-founder – Sweetish House Mafia

WOMEN AT WORK Neha Sethi, Co-founder – Sweetish House Mafia, shares her journey from banker to baker, scaling from its genesis in a Nano to a food chain with several outlets across the country. This smart cookie is set to make this world a sweeter, more happier place, one cookie at a time!


Rina Nathani, Head – Global Retail, Satva India

WOMEN AT WORK Rina Nathani, Head – Global Retail, Satva India, shares an inspiring tale of entrepreneurship, one where she eats, sleeps, lives and breathes the dream. The dream to not just help people wear clothes that look good, but the ones that feel good, while doing good to the environment!


Shreya Lamba, Co-Founder of The Mumum Company

Charging her way through typical entrepreneurial challenges, Shreya is up-beat and passionate about nurturing her infant company towards mainstream success!