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Our Purpose

We live in a time in which ladies have the greatest opportunity they have ever had to become leaders in the community. They have the skills, education, and resources to lead— yet an overwhelming gender gap remains.

Ladies Who Lead has been cultivated as a catalyst for providing solutions to this need, as Mumbai’s premier community of diverse, driven women leaders that exchange knowledge, opportunities, and inspiration. It highlights ladies who lead through professional accolades, strong moral fibres, and admirable lifestyles. It is bringing out a forthcoming and fun community of women that do not shy away from discussing hyper-local and global issues that they face in their fast-changing industry or in their lives.

Members of Ladies Who Lead have access to women in the highest ranks of their professional sectors and a vast ecosystem of services, offerings and perks through live events, workshops, and an active content platform. Women are able to discover capable mentors, talented mentees, cross-collaborate with other brands, and spread awareness by engaging in each other’s activities.

At the same time, it is a gender-neutral organization because LWL believes in including men, whether as speakers, audience or crew, that are supportive of women in power - it can not be a one-sided dialogue.


The Power of Association

 Before we can change the world, we must start with ourselves. Along with organic collaboration that takes place, LWL equips women with resources, acumen, and build strong skills through a series of events and workshops. 

LWL provides mentorship from the top women in the industry to help young ladies navigate challenges, set goals, and work hand-in-hand in the community. These meaningful relationships make women more likely to reach their potential.

At the heart of its mission, LWL develops women into transformative leaders. It provides opportunities for women that are self-driven to identify a change in their community, create a vision to guide them, and execute the change alongside other committee members.






Founder, AB Network.

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Aabha is a career business journalist, news anchor, editor, writer and producer. She has worked for major networks like NDTV Profit, ET NOW & Bloomberg TV India. She was the lead anchor for Bloomberg TV India, where she anchored the morning market news, and created the highly rated shows on entrepreneurship ‘E-Inc’ & ‘Rising Stars’. She is known for being one of the most versatile television anchors having also anchored and produced signature shows like Boss’s Day Out and Gadget Guru at NDTV, to Zigwheels on ET NOW. Over her 15 years in news television, she has interviewed business stalwarts, market mavericks, regulators and celebrities. 

Based out of India’s financial capital, Aabha has lived and studied overseas. She has also travelled extensively for lifestyle shows and news coverage, from Dubai to San Francisco and Shanghai, and has hosted special finance and economy related shows from the Bloomberg studios in London and New York.

She turned entrepreneur by setting up her own company - AB Network. The content studio creates innovative properties that appeal to the modern, aspirational Indian across touch points in their lives. AB Network caters to an ever-evolving new media consumer, giving them information they can use, relate to and engage with, across various media formats. The platform covers a spectrum of topics from Entrepreneurship, Business & Markets, Luxury & Lifestyle, amongst others.

One of these properties is 'Ladies Who Lead' which started as a network of like-minded, successful women coming together to support and empower one another. Initially a series of regularly held events, Ladies who Lead has now evolved into a full-fledged community with contributors from around the world, multiple video series and its’ own digital hub. All with the aim to pay it forward.