Putting Our Best Smiles Forward In The Times Of Covid-19!

With the new-normal comes newer, stronger safety measures. In a conversation with renowned Aesthetic and Restorative Dentist Saiesha Mistry, we found out all about the measures they are adopting to upgrade their clinic with safety gear and skill sets to minimise exposure. Here’s what she had to say.

Covid-19 has affected the way we live our lives and the last 2 months has been life changing for us all. The world has changed...for how long we don’t know, but smiling will always be a part of living. Now more than ever we need to feel good, feel healthy and put our best foot (smile) forward. 

By definition our profession involves personal contact and close proximity with our patients. And our number one priority is the safety of our patients and my team members.

At our clinic we have always practiced the most up to date infection control, and have been following ADA and OSHA sterilisation guidelines and protocols from the beginning. However given the social nature of this disease we will be adding some new systems and creating new processes to ensure a safe environment for us all. 

When we reopen, we will make systems as contactless as possible. Patients will have to submit a Covid-19 questionnaire and all screenings, medical forms, dental forms, prescriptions and even payments would be moved to a virtual mode. Patients will be encouraged to send us all the relevant information online, before their appointments, so that we minimise the time spent on doing that in the clinic. 

Social distancing norms will have to be followed to the best possible. So for now we would have to suspend our waiting room and that means our special coffee service. Patients will be seen by appointment only and all appointments would be staggered to avoid crowding. Patients will be taken directly into the operatories to minimise contact with clinic staff and other patients. 

Extra time will be scheduled between patients for disinfection, sterilisation and changes in our gowns. So, that would mean fewer patients seen in a day. 

Our clinic premises will incorporate elaborate sanitisation and fumigation systems to ensure every nook and cranny is disinfected. All our staff will be in protective gear, right from the front office team to the doctors. Additional masks, face shields, PPE will now become uniform. We will be equipping our clinics with medical grade air filters in each room and incorporating fumigating and fogging services.

The importance of maintaining good dental health has actually been driven home the last few weeks due to the unavailability of access to dental professionals. The increased use of technology, the facetimes, the zoom calls and meetings, have made people very aware, in close up, of their face, their smile and appearance. Our existing patients have missed us and potential patients have reached out to improve the way they look on camera. 

While our appearances and structure of work may change, our dedication to providing the best quality of dental health in the safest of circumstances stays unwavering. 

For more details you can reach her on her Instagram at @drsaiesha_mistry.


About Saiesha Mistry: 

Dr. Saiesha Mistry is a leading Aesthetic and Restorative Dentist from Mumbai, India. Dr. Mistry currently maintains a private practice, which is limited to Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry with special emphasis on smile make-over, implants and oral reconstructions. She is a faculty at the Smile Care Continuing Education Program in association with New York University as well as the Encode Continuing Education Program in association with State University of New York Buffalo.