‘Mindful Success’ In The Times Of COVID-19

Given the current situation faced across the globe, businesses and entrepreneurs both large and small are facing unprecedented situations, dealing with uncertainty and struggling with limited reserves for an indefinite time horizon. Wondering where the next business opportunity lies to pay bills and employees or simply to stay afloat.

This grim situation can be reviewed through a new lens and to some extent be reversed or salvaged keeping in mind aspects that are in our control, rather than compounding the consequences based on external factors.

What you need is an open mind and outlook and the willingness to explore to gain a different perspective.

Some of the key areas to focus on currently will be where to start, what is causing the roadblocks, how to pivot, what can be the next game-changer for your business, how to tap the hidden potential of your team, how do you engage them without losing them, what decisions take priority, retrospect/ introspect your company’s business and yourself, how can you find your mojo?

‘Mindful Success’ is the brainchild of, and collaboration between Nandita Mehta (Founder, RISE Consulting) and Nakshi Satra (Founder, IN:HA Wellness). It is a uniquely positioned offering for working professionals focused around CEOs/ Founders and their executive teams.

As life and business strategists we will help you unearth the answers and guide you through this interactive process with a series of written exercises which focuses on the powerful tool of ‘introspection’. These exercises have been developed in conjunction with the principles of the subconscious mind and works in a sequential manner to identify the root cause of the obstacles faced.

The goal is to enable you to gain insights and realizations, identify the gaps and evaluate the consequences thereof, in your professional lives, thus giving you direction and clarity to progress further.

A few introspective exercises one can do, given the current times:

1. List down all the roadblocks, constraints and challenges you are currently facing and dealing with at work/ in your career.

2. If you could currently reinvent, pivot or expand your business, or reposition yourself in your field/industry:
a) List all your professional learnings as a business owner or working professional.
b) List your top three strengths or highlights that you bring to the table which are unique to your personality.
c) List all potential ideas or plans you have always desired to achieve but never pursued.
d) List all courses or programs you wish you could pursue to enhance your knowledge or existing skills.

3. Assuming you have achieved everything in question 2 above, list all professional gains and losses from it.

4. List (up to 10) your deepest desires you wish you had pursued or wish to pursue as a career alternative. Strive to reach 10 on the list, no matter how far-fetched it may seem at the moment. A crisis is an opportunity to think beyond the obvious possibilities.

5. List all your concerns relating to your (i) health (ii) relationships (personal & professional) and (iii) self-development, which directly or indirectly affect your work/career?

The above exercises are created to enable you to surface your innermost thoughts and desires. If you would like to seek further insights and our analysis on the above you may reach out to us on:


About The Contributors:
Nandita Mehta, Founder at Rise Consulting, builds and executes people strategies for corporates and start-ups to enable them to effectively manage change and growth.

Nakshi Satra, Founder at IN:HA Wellness, is a Life & Business Strategist and Wellness Curator and specializes in strategizing and resolving trouble situations.